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Astronaut: The Best is an occult management sim where people aren't just numbers: they're incompetent screwups. Your duty is to turn them into national heroes, or the government will have you killed.

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"Houston, we have a winner. This game's incredible, and if you like roguelites or management sims, pick it up pronto." - EIP Gaming

"Everything is twisted and bizarre; feelings which completely define the experience in all the best ways possible." - GameLuster

"If you’re looking for a quirky time management game set in an intriguing — and comical — world, you want to check out Astronaut: The Best." - Destructoid

Five missions. Hundreds of decisions. Thousands of recombinant astronauts. Millions of ways to fail spectacularly.

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We admire your interest in Astronaut: The Best, and hope that it is something you could not possibly have predicted but will appreciate all the same.

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